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4 credits — English (including American & British Literature)
3 credits — Social Studies (World History, US History, ½ credit US Government, ½ credit Economics)
3 credits — Math (Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 or equivalent)
3 credits — Science (Physical Science, Biology, and Chemistry or Physics)
½ credit — Health
½ credit — Computer Technology
2 credits — Foreign Language (2 years of the same language)
1 credit — Physical Education
4 credits — Bible (this will include 1 credit of Bible for each year in attendance at PCS)
2+ credits – Electives (must include one credit of fine arts)

Students who plan to attend university are encouraged to take more than the minimum required credits.

*Students are ultimately responsible to keep track of credits earned to assure that they are on track to graduate. *

Full-time students are expected to be enrolled in five courses each semester with a maximum of two study halls.

Students shall receive one credit for a year-long course and half of a credit for a semester-long course. For courses which last the entire school year, the student must complete the entire course with a passing grade in order to receive credit; no credit will be given for completing only one semester.

Any full-time student 10th grade or younger must take all his courses at our school (i.e. not through a homeschool or outside institution) without an exception from the board. Juniors and seniors will be allowed to take one elective (i.e. non-core) course each semester outside of our school and receive transfer credit with pre-approval from the office.

Transfer Credits

Classes taken outside of our school may receive credit upon administrative approval, but do not count toward a student’s GPA. Therefore, class rank and valedictorian recognition is only based on our classes. The exception is for AP and dual enrollment classes where we do transfer the grades. The valedictorian must have attended our school for at least two years 9th-12th grades.

In order to receive a diploma at our school, students must earn at least 25% of their credits at the school and attend their final semester at our school.


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